Antionette Peak

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Antionette Peak

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I'm interested in current conditions and beta for the Antionette Peak area. Thanks for any suggestions or information.
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skiing Antoinette

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Sorry Mark for the tardy reply.

The Antoinette Peak area (Granite Hot Springs area) is a prime BC ski destination with tons of great long runs.

Trouble is access. You need a snowmachine for winter access along the 9-mile Granite Creek Road, or a full day of kick and glide on the road.

In the spring, the Forest Service does not open this road until it is completely not until sometime in May, and by then, especially this year, the snow line is fairly high up, and alot of the high slopes are melted out...not to mention deteriorating snow quality.

I have used snowmachines many times to access these peaks, as well as bikes during the month of April. This will definitely be the way to go this spring as the road will probably be mostly melted out very shortly.

As far as the runs to do, Antoinette south face is gorgeous. Open Door Mountain east and west faces are impressive. MacLeod Peak rises NE of MacLeod Lake and has a great west-facing couloir. Cosmos rises SE of MacLeod Lake and has a nice west-facing couloir. The Swift Creek Shield is a huge west face that plummets into Swift Creek from near MacLeod Peak. Flying Buttress is the ultimate spring run with over 2500 vert of steep turns on a massive eggshell face. On the west side of the hot springs, Terrace Mountain has a great south face for quick morning runs, and a nice north face into a drainage known as "Old Folks Home." Much more stuff to the west of Terrace Mountain as well....the peaks that comprise the "Sleeping Maiden."

Good Luck, TT
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