Greysalt Mountain

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Greysalt Mountain

Postby TomTuriano » Sat Oct 01, 2005 10:01 pm

I went down to the southern Salts today to climb Greysalt Mountain, which is mentioned in Select Peaks on pages 368 and 465. It is the fourth highest peak in the Salt River Range.

Funny, I got it right in Select far as which peak Greysalt is.....but today, I simply forgot. I did not read my own book, and instead relied on erroneous notes on my Mount Wagner and Poison Meadows topo maps that Peak 10,682, which is about a mile northeast of Sheep Pass, was Greysalt.

I think, in addition to the erroneous notes on my maps, the main reason for my lingering confusion is that the Afton 1:100,000 quadrangle has an error where Peak 10,769 or Greysalt is supposed to be. It shows no closed contour for the 3,250 meter level, and thus I assumed that the peak west of Sheep Pass was insignificant.

It struck me about half way up 10,682 today..."boy, that peak over there sure is high...I think it's higher than this one...dammit...that's Greysalt!!"

So, today, I climbed the wrong peak. It was still a wonderful hike. I got above and away from all the hunters and had great views of the Salt River and Wyoming ranges. I made a loop up to the head of Smith Fork, over to Peak 10,682, and then down into the head of Mink Creek past a turquoise tarn. I returned to Smith Fork by climbing up a couloir above the tarn to gain the ridge right above my car.

Greysalt Mountain (Peak 10,769) west of Sheep Pass

Peak 10,682...the peak I thought was Greysalt...and the peak that I climbed today

Head of Mink Creek and the little tarn that I visited

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