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I'm not sure if this qualifies as the Greater Yellowstone Area, but what the hay!

Kris Ericson and myself went up to Sacajawea this past Saturday (6/11). The road was closed around the 3 mile marker. Hiked up to the 5 mile marker and then did some very slight bushwacking to get to Fairy lake. We saved probably a mile or so by leaving the road. Our initial intent was to ski The Great One, however, the snow pack was so good that we were able to consider some other routes.

I have been trying to ski 2 lines up on Sacajewea for years now. I am not sure on their exact names, but they are either Phaser, Taser, or Laser. They are directly above and parallel to the Great One and eventually merge into the Great One at it's mid section. The upper portion of each are around 50 degrees and then tone down to the mid 40's halfway down.

The snow was a bit sloppy (we summitted around 12:00PM), but it was still are great run and i would recomend it to anyone who enjoys steep and slightly exposed skiing.

Does anyone know the appropriate names and allocations for these 2 gems?

Till next time,

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