Letter from Lyles Glenn

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Letter from Lyles Glenn

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Hey, Tom:

What a great surprise when I checked email this morning. Thanks very much for these terrific photos. I really appreciate you taking them, as well as sending them to me as you have. Not only will I enjoy them frequently, reminding me of great hikes and incredible country, they will effectively demonstrate to my wife that I was in fact in Jackson climbing with you!

Thanks too, for dropping off a copy of Select Peaks. Believe it or not, en route to SC I read the first 100 +/- pages. At the end of those pages, I admit to jumping over to the sections on the Winds and Tetons. I appreciated all that you wrote, as much of it, the geology and history, was unfamiliar to me. The book is very well done. Congratulations on a very fine work product. Good luck with your next one, as I suspect there will be many to come.

Importantly, I too, hope it will be possible for us to connect for more hikes. You made this past weekend a wonderful one for me for many reasons. First, I regret that only a couple of my buddies would have been up for what we did and, unfortunately, their time and interest does not make it likely they will be able to do such in the near future. As you know, growing older and allowing more time in between hikes conjures the admonition and truth of Finis Mitchell:

"You don't stop hiking because you grow old; you grow old because you stop hiking."

Second, your familiarity with the Range is exceptional and, with it, your ability to make your way through the Tetons. I learned much and am grateful for being exposed to as much off-trail as we did, as well as your pointing out the routes you identified. You clearly broadened my perspective of the Range, as well as my sense of access to it.

Finally, your professionalism is something I value and appreciate. I am well aware that there are many who would never have demonstrated the patience or professionalism as you, particularly in the face of the questionable weather, my scheduling uncertainties, and the greater family obligations which I know you faced. Others would have simply punted - seizing the opportunity that distance and client unfamiliarity provided. You didn't, and I'm grateful to you for that.

I cannot conclude without reiterating the hope that we are able to extend the adventures when I, or my wife and I, next return to Jackson. I thoroughly enjoyed your company, your sense of humor, interests and our conversations. I look forward to our next treks and to remaining in touch.

Lyles Glenn
Columbia, SC
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