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Letter from Ed Muller

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Received this on 7/1/05 from Ed Muller:

Hi Tom,

You most likely don't remember me, but I just wanted to drop a line and say congrats on the nice feature article about you in that Backcountry ski mag this winter. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you get some kudo's as a most deserving top notch guide and a great guy.

I participated in the '98 Exum Ski Mountaineering camp and ended up with you and Rick Wyatt as my main guides for the weekend. It was a great experience & while I didn't master the rope work, I've been keeping up with several fun trips on Cameron Pass each year here in my back yard in Colorado.

I even guided my best friend up the West flank of Mt. Shasta last summer. While we didn't come anywhere near summiting, it was an amazing experience. She's a great skier, but she'd only been on one basic back country hut trip, and she had a terrible time! I gently coached her up Mt Shasta with thankfully beautiful weather. I even got her in her crampons for the last steep, hard pack pitch. We found a perfect little headwall to ski on the Sth West flank. She was a bit nervous but started laughing after her 1st turn and said she finally understood why we climb for hours for only a few minutes of skiing. Although our friend waiting for us in camp didn't understand how we could be gone 10 hours for only 4 minutes of skiing! I think he needed a beer more than we did!

Anyway, thanks again for the great inspiration. I've been skiing the last few weekends and things are falling in to place to attempt a local chute I've had my eye on for several seasons.

Hopefully I'll make it back for more Teton skiing next season. Have a great summer.

Edmund Muller
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