Praise for "Select Peaks"

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Praise for "Select Peaks"

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Hi Everyone,

Here are some comments I have received about Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone. I am really honored...Thank you. If you would like to add a comment, please reply to this topic, or enter a new topic.

Hi Thomas, I want to thank you for writing and researching such an amazing guide and ode to the peaks of the Greater Yellowstone. I grew up in Massachusetts and moved out to the Tetons five summers ago. Shortly after moving out here I learned of your book and sought it out. Since moving to the GYE I've been able to climb 34 of these amazing mountains, with many more planned for the future. I work on the Grand Teton NP trail crew in the summer, so I've been fortunate enough to climb many of the major Teton summits. But thanks to Select Peaks, I've gotten to enjoy numerous adventures in the Gros Ventres, Winds, Beartooths, Wyoming Range, Salt Rivers, Snake Rivers, Madisons, and Absarokas.... And again, thank you for creating such an amazing book.
-Alex Lennon, Wyoming

Thanks for all your awesome work over the years. I moved to Montana in 2000 and your copy of Select Peaks was awe inspiring during my formative years in the Mountains.
-Josh Gage, Montana

Hello! First off, thanks for all the excellent beta that you have provided me over the years! Your guidebooks and history books are among the best I've encountered. As more and more humans venture into the backcountry, it remains imperative that we appreciate where our sports began and how they grew to what they are now, for better or worse.
-Owen Gehling, Jackson, WY

Hello, I'm curious if you have any copies of your Select Peaks books you'd be willing to part with? I have read it a bit and its great! My only ski partner with a copy moved away and the only other one in Bozeman is a store copy at Northern Lights. I see you have the CD for sale but its just not the same as the real thing. There are a few copies floating around online that are really expensive and I'd be willing to pay a good bit, just not $200-500. You have certainly wrote the finest book pertaining to climbing and skiing big lines in the the area I live and I'd love to get my hands on a copy of it. Thanks!
-Eric Haferman, Bozeman, MT

"First, thank you for the monumental effort it must have been to write Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone: A Mountaineering History and Guide. The book is amazing, I can't say enough about it. Second, do you have any plans to either publish the book again, or perhaps publish an updated edition? I'm borrowing a friend's copy right now, and (as I'm sure you know) Select Peaks is now rare and sells for about a million bucks a copy on Amazon and Ebay. I had heard you were working on an updated edition, but I figured I should just go right to the source and ask you. Anyway, thanks for your time, and again: thanks so much for writing that book.
-Paul Calabro

"I continue to marvel at the magnificent research work you did on Peaks of Greater Yellowstone. I was out climbing with a couple of twenty-somethings a few months ago (one to push me and one to pull) and they use the book as their primary reference on how to climb whatever. They're too young to fully appreciate the history you document, but when they're older (like me) they'll appreciate it fully."
Rick Reese, Bozeman, MT

"Just got the PDF of Select Peaks of Greater Yellostone that I ordered a few days ago. Fantastic. Everything a guide/history book should be. Two weeks ago I was wandering the NE corner of YNP and wondering about reasonable routes up Abiathar and Cuttoff. Your book answers my questions and adds about a dozen other peaks in the general area that I must visit. And now I find that you have a backcountry ski guidebook of similar quality. It's Christmas. Thank you. Very best wishes.
Christopher Myers, Pleasant Grove, UT

"I was a friend of Jim Kanzler, who showed me your Select Peaks. Its comprehensive scope blew me away, and the entries for the Beartooth sections, with contributions from Rick Hooven and the late Rob Hart, really capture the essence of the place. Brilliant." -Wynn Miller, Colorado Springs, CO

"I'm originally from the Adirondacks, so growing up with mountains is in my blood. I wanted to know more about the mountains in this new area (for me) that I call home. I really love the background, history, geology, and other content describing the mountains in your book. I really think what you created is an amazing collection of information, and I can't wait to explore my surroundings more. Thanks again."
-Nate Wescott, Alpine, Wyoming

"Thomas - your book (tome) was picked up successfully - what a piece of work! Congratulations. Most of the climbs are well beyond my ability and time constraints, but it's always good to dream! The history in itself has been a great read."
-John Costello, Wall, NJ

"Dear Tom, I am a hiker from Bozeman and I read Select Peaks religiously. It is the most indispensable mountaineering book I own. Thanks for everything. You have no idea how much I appreciate your dedication to the mountains of Greater Yellowstone."
-Patrick Hyle, Bozeman, MT

"You are the man. You're book has been an invaluable resource this winter with the lack of lift access snow. Thanks for all the work you put into it."
-Randy Beavers, Jackson, WY

"We have a little tradition at our family dinner table. That generally involves someone (usually me!) reading something of interest to the rest of the family. You'll be pleased to know that last night's reading was a few paragraphs from your "Peaks" book. The kids loved the reading and I love the book. I'm sure you've heard this before, but you are a very fine writer. I love the material, and I love your style -- great job! I look forward to reliving some of the beauty of that majestic mountain country as I work my way through the pages. Thanks again for a fun day on the mountain last Sunday -- it was fantastic!"
-Mike Carothers, Winnetka, IL

"I'm sure you here this all the time, but I am a huge fan of Select Peaks. It sleeps next to my bed every night and is by far the best resource for the area."
-Taylor Robinson, Bozeman, MT

"Thank you for the Select Peaks book. It has provided countless amounts of inspiration and good information for me and my friends."
-Luke Rice

"Teton Skiing has been a great source of inspiration and I can't wait to see the next edition I hear is in the works."
-Conor Miller

"I'm a big fan of your books. They have inspired me to explore outside the box."
-Don Ruzicka, Jackson, WY

"I love The Peaks book! Mine is looking used! Thanks and great job!"
-Felicia Ennis, Livingston, MT

"Tom: we just wanted to convey to you (again, I believe!) our ENORMOUS regard for what you accomplished in Select Peaks. We have consulted many, many books in our research process, and continue to hold yours in the very highest regard. Quite frankly, the amount of scholarly research you undertook plus your first-hand knowledge of such a vast sweep of the country makes the book an amazing accomplishment and unlike any other books we've seen. Every time we consult it we become more and more impressed."
-Marlene Merrill

"Your Select Peaks book is amazing. Probably my favorite mountaineering book of all time. I've nearly worn out my copy. Very inspiring. Love the history. I've never read a book that bridges the gap between the first explorers/pioneer climbers and today's mountaineers like yours does. Again, thanks for all your work on the book."
-Tim Worth

"I just wanted to let you I just purchased your Select Peaks book last week after checking it out from the library for 8 weeks (plus extra - still have to pay the fine) and finding out that I couldn't live without it. Great work - I'm obsessed with the Absaroka ranges in Wyoming and am trying to get out into them as much as possible."
-Tim Schoessler, Powell, WY

"I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an ideal book for this area...I have truly loved having this book, although it is starting to look a little abused these days. It has helped me to get motivation to get out and explore areas I didn't even know existed until a couple years ago. I see there is a CD available, and I was wondering if that can be purchased separately, this would be perfect for printing out pages to take with on the hike. Thanks again and we all look forward to the next book!"
-Mike Ries, Bozeman, MT

"Just wanted to tell you big thanks for your book 'Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone.' With a friend and colleague (mathematicians from MSU Bozeman) we just climbed Hilgard Peak last weekend in two days, going in through Sentinel Creek and out through Avalanche Lake. The north face of the east ridge still had lots of steep snow, and lacking any tools we had to go around it and ascend it from the southern side. Both of us are not very experienced climbers (I am a novice, my friend has a little more experience, but not much), and we certainly would not have made it to the top without your route description. The weather was optimal, clear, sunny, no wind, and we could see all the way to the Grand Tetons, and maybe even the Wind Rivers (not quite sure). Anyway, after having checked out your book from the Bozeman Public Library for a while, I now bought it. It is certainly worth the money. Thanks again!"
-Lukas Geyer, Bozeman, MT

"Hello Tom, I was given a copy of your book as a gift. And a gift it is, for all of us! Thank you. For whatever my rave is worth, your book is - and will forever remain - the definitive manual to the Greater Yellowstone mountains. Quite an accomplishment, I don't see how you did it in one lifetime."
-Earle F. Layser, Alta, WY

"My name is Jim Williams and I am the regional wildlife manager for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in Kalispell on the west side of Glacier Park. Your Yellowstone book is fantastic and we need one for the lofty peaks and routes up here! Keep up the great worK!"
-Jim Williams, Kalispell, MT

"I've been climbing a bunch this summer, first time in a lot of years, and have really, really been enjoying your book. It's basically the Bible for climbers and mountaineers around Bozeman, you probably know that already. I hope you're having a great summer."
-Mike England, Bozeman, MT

"In my art show at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, I put quotes with the paintings. Your book on the Greater Yellowstone helped to inspire the idea. I used one of Osborne Russell. Also Glen Exum, Fritiof Fryxell, Hemingway, my Great Aunt Olga who climbed with Paul Petzolt in the 30's, etc. I love your book and have poured over it for the history part as much as for new routes. Just wanted to let you know the work is still alive even though you wrote it a while ago and have moved on. All the Best"
Joe Arnold, Laramie, WY

"I've recently purchased your excellent book Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone. I've found the book to be wonderfully informative and it's inspired me to get out into the mountains even more. Thanks for writing such a great book."
Dan Beck, Jackson, WY

"Hi Thomas: My name is David Klatt and live in West Yellowstone. You mentioned my name a couple of times in your section on the Madison Range. I could give corrections of you would like them. I have loved your book, it is an unbelievable collection of everything. I always said I knew the mountains from Glacier to the Winds better than anyone but I may be wrong.
-David Klatt, West Yellowstone, MT

"I just want to commend you on your great book. The wild essence of the Greater Yellowstone area has always been close to my heart. Though the Sierra has some of the best rock in the world and it's the haunt of the likes of Peter Croft and the late great Galen Rowell (RIP), there are no griz or wolves running around out there. Hopefully I will once again get up to the Greater Yellowstone area for more than these occasional extended weekend-warrior romps! I work an occasional shift at a local mountain shop in Berkeley, California and all the climbers/skiers think that your book is rad!! Thanks for all of your passion and hard work."
-Russ Pasley, Bay area, CA

"I'm an avid rock climber stuck in a flatland. I travel 300 miles to Enchanted Rock in the Texas hill country to climb. I spend one week a year in Yellowstone. I read your book like a Bible. One day I will retire to the Yellowstone area. I'm so impressed! You really have a good book, and I do a lot of reading! THANKS AGAIN! I'm stoked!"
-Robert P. Milwee, Houston, TX

"Just a short note that I am finishing reading your Greater Yellowstone peaks book and wanted say it is really a nice job of integrating geology, history with the climbs and skiing."
-Robert B. Smith, Geologist and author of Windows Into The Earth: The Geology of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

"I obtained "Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone" this past weekend. I was unprepared for the scope of your work. It is a total joy to read."
-Keith Becker, Thermopolis, WY

"What a delight to have your book in my's spectacular."
-Lucie Sonderson, Ennis, MT

"I'm having fun poring over your book each week to decide what adventure to embark on each weekend. You've probably heard this before, but I really appreciate you being subtle with exact routes and focusing more on the history, geology, and lore of a place then where each and every handhold is. Thanks!"
-Sarah Richey, Institute Program Manager, Yellowstone Association, Yellowstone Park, MT

"Congrats on a fantastic book. I'm not sure I've read a book that discusses ski mountaineering and alpine climbing quite like it."
-Mark Wolfenden, Bozeman, MT

"Thanks for producing such a beautiful and informative piece on the Greater Yellowstone. It has become affectionately known as 'The Bible' among my diehard circle of ski buddies in Bozeman. The book is an enormous success in that it gives up such an enormous wealth of information and history on the area, without giving up its most subtle little secrets, leaving them to be discovered for the adventurous individual."
-Anjin Herndon, Bozeman, MT

"You gave us quite a unique perspective on the place we live and a fresh look at what exactly is surrounding us...we so often take for granted that what others map out for us to explore or think about is the most relevant...yeah, we let others map out and summarize nature for least I do most times. And you don't. Thank you for sharing your wealth of experience with us!"
-Alexandra Yannakos, Wilderness Advocacy Coordinator, NOLS

"I believe your book is probably the best guidebook I've ever read. It is an indispensible reference in my library."-Brian Maffly, The Wilderness Society, Bozeman, MT

"Some of my favorite things are mountains, history, hiking, and the Greater Yellowstone – needless to say I love Turiano's new “Select Peaks” guide. Having authored a number of small hiking guides on the GYE, I recognize a labor of love when I see one. Tom, you are to be congratulated on an outstanding book!"
-Tom Carter, author of hiking guides to Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks

"Select Peaks. My God, two books, you are prolific. Seriously, your
book will guide generations of climbers and be a reference and
pleasure to aging climbers who's joints don't work so well anymore.
All the best."
-Andy Schwartz, Hawaii

"Let me say I am awed by your new book. You have taken this whole thing to a new level. Ultimate armchair reading for a mountaineer, ultimate inspiration, ultimate trip planning -- simply ULTIMATE!"
-Lou Dawson, Carbondale, CO

"Karen surprised me with a great birthday present when we were in Wilson
this last February - a copy of your latest book! What a great effort on
your part - so much detail and wonderful photographs. Good work!"
-Jared Smith, Seattle, WA and Wilson, WY

"Once again, your book is unparalleled! Thanks for the fascinating resource!"
-Nick Stayner, Jackson, WY

"I really enjoyed your recent story in Backcountry. Your "Select Peaks" book sits on my coffee table and is filled with little sticky notes of regions I've skied or plan to go ski."
-Matt Lloyd, Lander, WY

"Thanks for being such a positive influence, your books are great and your hard work and care for their content shows on every page! God Bless."
-Mike and Audrey Burk

"Your book has been the subject of scrutiny among longtime Park employees and has been both welcomed and condemned (as I'm sure you know). But as for me, I've enjoyed it very much, from a practical perspective as a guide book and also for its historical value. The stories of small time local climbers--and not just the Ankers and Messners of the world--are every bit as interesting as the mountaineering epics we read about in National Geo etc. We are truly lucky to live here in the Greater Yellowstone area. Many thanks."
-David Hood, Lake, WY

"Finally got a copy your book and started reading. I'm very impressed with the amount of effort you put into it. And it's very engrossing and well written to say the least. Congratulations on a great work!"
-Ben Franklin, Daniel, WY

"I purchased your book Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone, and I am enjoying it. Since I am a history teacher the historical part is very interesting, of course. I also think the mountaineering guide is excellent. You wrote a great book!!"
-Joel Schmidt, Ohio

"Just a note that I purchased your new book, Peaks, and really have enjoyed it. Especially thought you did a great job of interweaving history, geology, climbing, etc."
-Robert B. Smith, Geologist and author of Windows Into The Earth: The Geology of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

"Wanted to let you know that I quite enjoy your Select Peaks book on the Yellowstone area. I lived in Big Sky for a few years and have climbed or tried to climb about half the stuff in your book. I was a bit reticent when I heard the book was coming out, as it contains a few secret treasures. I was concerned I might start running into people on Hilgard Peak. But you did a nice job, particularly in the historical narratives, and I appreciate the effort. My only quibble is the book looks too nice for the beating it's going to take in my car trunk, duffel bags, etc. Thanks for the great book!"
-Kirk Rosenbaum

"I have to say it is a wonderful book! Being a lover of history I especially like the stories of the early adventurers. When I'm out there I always wonder what it was like before the land was tamed. When not reading the book it will be put in a place of reverence next to my Bible and my copy of Homer's Iliad."
-Thomas Pfister, Des Plaines, IL

"I wanted to thank you for your very thoughtful introduction, and your emphasis on conservation of the wilderness and learning to live in the wilds of Yellowstone without wrecking the place...Thanks so much for a well written book, with enormous value in history and natural history...You venture to say in your introduction that you hope that this book will be useful in conservation. I think it will be."
-Louisa Willcox, National Resources Defence Council, Livingston, MT

"What a great piece of work - my congratulations! I wonder if I will ever get close enough to climb one or two of those wonderful looking mountains. Of particular interest to me of course are the mentions of Dave Wessel and the climbs he did. I had no idea that after his early climbs with my father in the Canadian Rockies he went on to become a "legend" and very prolific climber. He was very modest and never let on about his later career when I had phone conversations with him about my dad. Very many thanks and very best wishes."
-Tony Smythe, United Kingdom

"Wow, Select Peaks in one knock-your-socks-off book. You have raised the bar on mountaineering literature well above 13,804."
-Rick Baugher, Idaho Falls, ID

"Wow - what a tremendous amount of work you put into Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone. The black and white photographs are crisp and high quality. I especially appreciate the history of the area. I suspect your book will become a classic."
-Janet Robertson, Boulder, CO. Author of Magnificent Mountain Women and Betsy Cowles Partridge Mountaineer

"What a fine job you've done. Leigh would be proud."
-Ralph and Jackie

"I am so very grateful for your book...I will share it with our son Edward, and with Dick Pownall. It is a magnificent accomplishment - I can't imagine all your research."
-Beth Exum

"Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone is a masterpiece - truly one of the great books ever written about the Greater Yellowstone! I can't say enough good things about it."
-Ralph Maughan, Idaho State University professor, co-founder Greater Yellowstone Coalition, and author of Hiking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness Areas

"I read your acknowledgements, prologue, intro, and the chapter on Turret, and leafed through a few other mountains. OUTSTANDING!"
-Gary Falleson, Democrat & Chronicle, Rochester, NY

"What a fine book! In many ways it is a gift to the community that will sharpen discourse in many areas and inspire lots of trips, no doubt....Anyone capable of such prodigious research, talented enough to put it all into such a compelling order, and able to sustain the patience to turn it into such lucid prose...that person should be employed as a professor or a historian! Select Peaks is, I repeat, a gift to us all."
-Jack Turner, Exum guide and author of The Abstract Wild and Teewinot

"I look forward to digging into this wonderful reference...A quick look revealed many familiar places, faces and stories! I'm so glad this project worked out for you after all the effort you have put into it over the years. You can feel the personal craft that went into it. You must be really satisfied to have it done at last."
-Winston Goodbody

"The books arrived and they are wonderful... You have treated the subject in depth and the visuals are all excellent. Bravo!"
-Peter Rutledge Koch

"I finally got your book for X-mas. I opened it up around 11:00 last night and couldn't put it down. Finally tore myself away from it at 1:30AM. Great book! Look forward to using it as a catalyst for some great adventures!"
-Jarad Spackman

"The books are beautiful, I can't tell you how great they are. What a wonderful job, it is definitely a topic of conversation in this area. I am sure you will do well with it, great job!!!"
-Cloe Auerhammer, Livingston, MT

"Just barely had a few minutes to flip through the pages. My initial reaction is "damn!" Nice job, Tom. Nice paper, nice cover, nice photos, nice layout, nice contrast on the print, everything is alluring. Cool."
-David Bowers, Exum guide, ski patrolman, Jackson, WY

"What a wealth of information! My opinion (because of the history and information), your book will go down as important as the Bonney Guide for those interested in Wyoming mountain ranges. Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great resource."
-Ken Koski, Cheyenne, WY

"I ordered the book online and love it. I now can look forward to many hours of armchair mountaineering and adventure planning, which for some of us will just have to do until we get work in Wyoming!"
-Bill Josey, Tampa, FL

"This is the best stinking book ever."
-Jake Adams, Timber Trails, Livingston, MT

"I think your book is awesome. You have got quite an investment in this project. I believe that your book will become the Textbook for our peaks. I really am impressed by your book and hope it goes great."
-Bill Blackford, Cooke City Bikeshack

"Your book looks like a truly massive bit of research. I'm impressed. I think you have done a fine job with this book. Hope you do well by it."
-Peter Lev, co-owner Exum Mountain Guides

"Wow! What a magnificent piece. I'm just getting into it, but it's clear that the depth of the research is a veritable magnum opus, with quality printing and binding to match. Congratulations! It is now one of my prized possessions."
-Rick Reese, college professor, co-founder Greater Yellowstone Coalition, former Jenny Lake Climbing Ranger, author of Montana Mountain Ranges and Greater Yellowstone

"What an achievement! How old are you, 100! Your tome is impressive...what a tribute to your investment of energy, interest, excitement, love...I am in awe of your accomplishment. Blessings and good wishes. Forgive me if I burst even a tiny bubble as I am genuinely in awe of your remarkable accomplishment. Thank you for letting me carry it. I will dip into it myself, sedentary bookworm that I am, and live an imaginary life."
-Lois Chickering, Chickering Bookstore, Laramie, WY
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Select Peaks Intro

Post by TomTuriano »

Hi Thomas,

I just read the excellent intro to Peaks. Well put. We sure need places like this with some actual howling, dangerous, unpredictable, untamed nature to keep us in our place and remind us where we came from.

In 1991 my wife and I spent the summer on foot circling the "core" of Greater Yellowstone, spending ten weeks out and traversing much of the Gallatin, Madison, Teton, Gros Ventre, and Absaroka ranges. This adventure still in many ways defines our lives. May every child have the chance to gaze at a sea of mysterious peaks and wonder what lies out there...

Phil Knight
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Begging for Select Peaks!

Post by TomTuriano »

From Molly Rudolphi of Bozeman, MT:

Dear Thomas,

Wow- this book is amazing. It is so special. As super avid skiers, endless back country explorers, history lovin’, dirtbag Montana mountain dwellers, my boyfriend and I are obviously inclined to love what you’ve put together. However, it seems to be a bit of a white buffalo in print form. We’ve been reading it in small bits and occasionally borrowing it from our one friend who has a copy. It’s torture. You know what else is? The pretty price point Amazon is selling it for... $225-400+ is insane, although I would agree that it is worth that much, in quality and “spirit” anyway. If we want to eat this month though we are going to have to pass on that. The cheap PDF version would be great, but it’s really a shame to have to fire up a computer any time we want to check it out while we’re planning adventures, also making taking it on the road basically impossible, and that’s no fun.

Please tell me there is ANYWHERE on the planet I can get a print copy of this book. Tell me that you’re planning to print a 2nd edition. Tell me you have a few laying around in your basement. People want this book, most of! I don’t recall ever begging for anything, but I’m begging for a way to get a print copy of this book. You’ve heard the people speak! Print more!

Thanks for reading this! and have a great day!

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More impetus for a second edition...

Post by TomTuriano »

Hello Mr. Turiano,

My name is Mark Davidson, and I'm just sending an email to thank you for writing Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone. I first learned of your book soon after moving to Big Sky in 2008, and friends' copies have been constant resources and inspiration for nearly every adventure I've had in the Greater Yellowstone. From a 20-day autumn traverse of the Madison Range, to 44 straight months of skiing in Montana, to filling in details of the natural and human history of GYE to teach at a youth leadership program...the scope, breadth, and depth of information in Select Peaks has been invaluable, and I learn something new every time I pick it up. So again, thank you! Your contribution to the Greater Yellowstone mountaineering community can never be overstated.

That being said, you may have noticed I wrote 'friends' copies' and not my own. I want so badly to have my own copy, but unfortunately can't find one for less than a couple hundred dollars. While I recognize the value (and do think you deserve to get that price!), it's a little out of my seasonal worker's budget. Do you have any plans for a second edition? I see on your website it's available as a pdf, which is great, but I do really need this book on my shelf, not just the computer. I hope there is a second edition coming sometime, as it is a book that needs to be seen!

Ok, I've gone on rambling long enough. Thanks again. There are more than a few of us ski bums here in Big Sky that consider it a bible. Hope all is well, and here's to another good winter!

Mark Davidson
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