Jamie Robertson summit panoramas

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Jamie Robertson summit panoramas

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I received this letter from Jamie Robertson on 9/26/07:


Hello! First off, i'd just like to say how much I've enjoyed my copy of Select Peaks. I've been working all over the GYE doing research the past two years and its been the tinder for a lot of memorable adventures. I've also picked up a hobby of taking 360° panorama images from the peaks I've climbed, and a few of them have been "select" peaks. I thought you might get a kick out out of them since you have interests in using technology to represent the natural world. Here's the link to them if you have a second to check them out: http://backcountryporch.com/pano.php
Just click on the thumbnails to load up the panorama in a new browser window. You'll need quicktime as well.

Again, thanks for a great book!

take care,
Jamie Robertson
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