Letter from Louisa Willcox

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Letter from Louisa Willcox

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I received this great letter on 2/20/04 from Louisa Willcox:

Dear Thomas,

I picked up you book recently, Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone. I wanted to thank you for your very thoughtful introduction, and your emphasis on conservation of the wilderness and learning to live in the wilds of Yellowstone without wrecking the place.

I also appreciated your tribute to Paul Petzoldt, Alex Lowe, Glenn Exum, Hans Saari, and Leigh Ortenburger. Thanks so much for a well written book, with enormous value in history and natural history.

You venture to say in your introduction that you hope that this book will be useful in conservation. I think it will be. There are indeed, as you say, "bright eyed outsiders," coming into the region to rearticulate a need for conserving the place and saving it for future generations....

....Anyway, thans so much for a very thoughtful book. It looked like a labor of love and I am sure it was.


Louisa Willcox
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