Note from Brock Anderson

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Note from Brock Anderson

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Love your select peaks book - I picked it up when it was first published and I'm emarrassed that this is the first time I've contacted you given how great your information is! I've been to many of the MT peaks you have listed in the book and I absolutely love the area. Having grown up climbing 14ers in Colorado, I can safely say that of around 50 peaks climbed in MT, I've only run into other climbing parties on 5-6 mountains which only include the popular ones such as the Sphinx, Blackmore, Emigrant, Whitetail, Cowen, etc. We're blessed to call this area home in an era when climbing is becoming increasingly popular.

I really appreciate your effort to make route desriptions vague in the book - it allows an adventurer such as me the opportunity to find my own way with only a stray arrow pointing me in the right direction here or there. I can't tell you how important to me it is to maintain the majority of specifics related to routes as "word of mouth".

Thanks again for the book!

Brock Anderson
(406) 582 7822
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