Praise for Jackson Hole Backcountry Skier's Guide: South

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Praise for Jackson Hole Backcountry Skier's Guide: South

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Hi Everyone,

Here are some comments I have received about Jackson Hole Backcountry Skier's Guide: South. I am really honored...Thank you. If you would like to add a comment, please reply to this topic.

"What an exceptional book! It fits the exceptional man behind it. Thank you, Tom. What an honor."
-Christian Beckwith, Jackson, WY

"I received two copies of your new book yesterday! Great job! Spent hours looking and dreaming."
-Keith Burke, Wayzata, MN

"Your book is beautiful. I can't imagine how much work you must have put into it. Connie and I truly appreciate it."
-Rich Greenwood, Wilson, WY

"What do I even say? There are no words. Your book is absolutely amazing in so many ways and that is because a truly amazing man "wrote" it. Really you lived it and I know you will continue to do so and that is the source of power that it contains. What a beautiful way to start my day to find it in my mailbox. Huge congratulations on your tremendous passion, dedication, and success."
-Nancy Bockino, Moose, WY

"Thanks for all of the effort that went into this Tom!"
-Dave Rhinehart, Moose, WY

"Tom does it again, providing us inviting footholds into more skiing adventures."
-Bill Briggs, Jackson, WY

"Received my copy the other day. It's gonna take a lot of cups of coffee to get through all the amazing material Tom T. captured. What an amazing collection of decades of regional backcountry skiing experience!"
-David Ryan, Jackson, WY

"You need to see this book to believe it. There's never been a backcountry skiers guide like this one. It's an amazing work of passion and dedication. Well done T&T!"
-Mark Newcomb, Jackson, WY

"Thanks for all your outstanding efforts to show the way."
-Stephen Halvorson, Bozeman, MT

"Just spent some time looking at your new "" website. You have put together a wonderful summary of who you are, your hard work, and accomplishments. I was very impressed!!! At 83+, I suddenly became sufficiently excited to engage you for several weeks in all of the activities that you are involved with including your music - (In my dreams, anyway). I think you will become an extremely busy individual. Lots of success. WOW!!!"
-Angelo Turiano, Melbourne, FL

"Perfect rainy day activity: thumbing through this wonderful new book from @tomturiano and dreaming about temps dropping below 32 degrees. Great holiday gift idea (in addition to shopping Garage Grown Gear's store, of course)!!!"
-Amy Hatch, Victor, ID

"I spent time this morning poring over your book. It is an extraordinary much detail and beauty and great information. Congratulations! Really good job! You are amazing!"
-Valerie Seaberg, Jackson, WY

"The book came in, WOW… and wanted you to know what a wonderful piece of work it is; you can see the yrs of work in it (and the yrs of exploring!). You should be very proud."
-JJ Healy, Daniel, WY

"Thanks for the book. It arrived today and I couldn't put it down. It seems that there are a few areas yet to check out...but then it's fun to have been to many. The color and layout are really great! Its study time."
-Corey Johnson, Bloomfield, MN

"I wanted to give you a huge thank you for the book! It is very impressive, and to give you some feedback. I'll say that I really liked the choices you made in terms of route descriptions and difficulty ratings. It makes for a good balance of detailed information while still leaving some sense of discovery and responsibility to the reader. I'm sure you put a lot of thought into this aspect, and I think you struck it just right. So, when does volume 2 come out? I hope you're enjoying the fresh snow and the exciting onset of another winter!"
-Brian Ladd, Jackson, WY

"What an amazing book. I can't wait to ski a new route from it. It's very inspirational."
-Brice Nelson, Victor, ID

"Your new book is amazing Tom!! I have just briefly scanned it and hope to spend more time reviewing it in depth soon.... but what an amazing accomplishment you have achieved... many long years of diligent work and incredible adventures....a beautiful book which both Patrick and I will always treasure."
-Mandy Mahoney, Glyndon, MD

"I picked up your latest book at TM this afternoon. Awesome Book. I love the pic of Marly best!"
-Kristine O'Brien, Jackson, WY

"Amazing book! No question this will be the reference for decades to come. I look forward to reliving prior trips by paging through the book. Having logged some miles with you, I can appreciate such lines as 'The approach is significant.' Have a great ski season."
-Joe Armistead, Atlanta, GA

"I really appreciate the book and didn't get a chance to tell you that before you left for the Grand Canyon. I've only perused it lightly so far and have not exposed it to the full rigors of the coffee table yet. I do know that it looks really awesome and incredible, and I continue to be impressed with your organization, clarity, and attention to detail on such a diverse subject."
-David Bowers, Jackson, WY

"It was with great joy that we have received your new book - it was a perfect gift for Misha's (mother) 50th birthday. Thank you for the inspiration - you have guided our family's first backcountry trip which has opened new chapter in our winter adventures. We hope to see you again in JH or if you ever venture to Jay Peak area east. Best wishes and many great backcountry days!
-Zoran Zvonar, Woburn, MA

"Hey Tom, I skied up on the pass today and grabbed a copy at Wilson Backcountry Sports on the way up. Now I am back in a warm cabin with a bottle of 16-yr-old Laphroaig, an easy chair, and your guidebook. Time to do some research! Looks beautiful, nice work!"
-Kirk Rosenbaum

"My name is Scott Schefrin and I was recently lent a copy of your JH Backcountry book. I enjoyed it so much, that I just purchased my own copy online the other day. I have been a fan of JH for a very long time. We recently returned from our 10th consecutive ski vacation during President’s Week. This is my entire family’s favorite week of the year…save the one week we were out in JH during the summer."
-Scott Schefrin, New York, NY
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Re: Praise for Jackson Hole Backcountry Skier's Guide: South

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I received this fantastic letter from Nate Wescott of Alpine, WY today...Thanks Nate!

Hi Tom,

I wanted to let you know that I received your new book last week. I didn't realize that you had signed it, until a friend pointed it out, thank you for that bonus.

For me, growing up in the Adirondacks, I had good knowledge about the peaks around me, and took advantage of the well-marked trail systems to explore. So when I moved to Star Valley in 2008 I was excited to get to know the new mountains in my neighborhood, but also found it frustrating at times trying to find good resources and even more frustrating trying to find the "trails" as marked on the maps.

So in addition to the backcountry guidance, I am thrilled with the detail you've put in your book about the ranges and mountains of where I live... to make me appreciate them even more and keep me motivated to continue to explore.

Finally, I'm a fan of the author David Roberts. When I was going through your new book, I couldn't help but think of Bradford Washburn (a subject that David Roberts has written about a few times). Bradford was a photographer, cartographer, and mountaineer. Some if his biggest contributions focused on Alaska and Denali. I see a parallel in how your book will become a "classic" book in mountain guidance and exploration.

I admire what you have accomplished with your book. I can't imagine the feeling you must have with this completed work. More than a "guidebook," (and I am trying to come up with the best description).. but you've "anthologized" these mountains and these ranges where I call home with my family. I have three small children, and one on the way.... I look forward to using this book for myself, but I more importantly I look forward to sharing it with my children.

Thanks for staying committed to see your project to the end. It is an amazing resource.

Happy skiing this winter.

Nate Wescott
Alpine, WY
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