Elephant Head Warning

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Elephant Head Warning

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Just an FYI for anyone heading up to ski elephant head or even just hiking:

The owner of the Property "63 Ranch" is a real A$#$@%E. He is notorious around Livingston for giving people a hard time when they park/walk/horseback on or near his property. In the Winter if you cannot drive to the Elephant Head trail parking lot then park before his ranch entrance. It is an additional mile or so more to hike. I would like to suggest leaving all of his gates open when you go through them, but that would make me no better than he. So be courtious and close the gates. If you see him, be as nice as possible and kill him with kindness. I will, however, guarantee you that he will still be a prick, even if you are the nicest, most considerate skier/hiker around.

You've been warned!
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