Naming of 12,000-foot SE Absaroka summits

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Naming of 12,000-foot SE Absaroka summits

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There are at least nine unnamed 12,000-foot peaks in the high Southeast Absaroka that encircle the headwaters of Venus Creek.

J. Patton of Riverton (et. al.) has suggested that these peaks be named for the planets, since there are about 9 major peaks, and because R.B. Robertson started the trend by applying the name "Venus" to his survey station on 12,528 in the first decade of the 1900s. In 1954, the USGS moved the name "Venus" to Peak 12,134 on the north side of Venus Creek. This is technically not even a peak (it doesn't rise more than 200 feet from nearest saddle), so I think perhaps best just to name the peaks by size relative to planet size, and just ignore what the USGS has done.

Here are some suggestions for names of the peaks in counter-clockwise order around the head of Venus Creek from Peak 12,327.

12,327: Pluto
12,380: Mars
12,488: Uranus
12,456: Earth
12,490: Neptune
12,528: Saturn
12,294: Mercury
12,635: Jupiter
12,453: Venus

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. I think this is going to take some work.

Thanks, Thomas Turiano
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