Stewart Peak winter approach error

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Stewart Peak winter approach error

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Page 379 of Select Peaks describes the winter approach to Stewart Peak in Corral Canyon. The approach route description is accurate except for the fact that the parking area described is located in Section 25 (T36N,R119W), most of which is private land. Land owners have erected a 'no parking' sign in the little pullout. It appears that the sign was posted during the summer of 2004. Although the land owner has not hassled any recent skiers who have parked there, legal access to Stewart Peak via Corral Canyon is hence effectively unavailable.

Jackson skier Joe Hartney skied Stewart from Corral Canyon in mid February 2005 and had these observations:

"judging by the sign, i assumed it was placed there in the summer because it didn't seem very new. also, by the way it was plowed out, it seemed like a very obvious parking area (room for several cars and trailers). when i was there, we walked south along the road until directly west of the mouth of corral canyon and skied through heavily used snowmobile access area which i assumed was some sort of an easment to corral canyon."

Another Jackson skier Phil Gyr also recently went to ski Stewart Peak and found the 'no parking' sign. Unwilling to risk the trespass, he proceeded south to attempt access from Birch Creek and after driving along the dirt road on the south side of Section 36 (T36N,R119W), most of which is State land, he came to a small parcel of private land. After receiving permission to pass through from the pleasant land owner, his description of Birch Creek is as follows:

"The landowner at the base of Birch Creek was kind and gracious. He said to come back anytime. An elk fence at the base of Birch Creek presents a minor challenge-two strands of barbed, 8' of wire mesh fence. Dog passage via lift through gap in mesh. Overgrown two track for a little over a mile, until a big rock buttress looms canyon south. A short section of narrow gully with steep walls (terrain trap in unstable snow conditions) followed by mellow winding canyon. Head of canyon transitions into the base of the up tilted flat iron forming the ridge. We skied south of Stewart-north of point 9887(1?)-deep powder conditions. I will return again to explore on a sunny day, although never whiteout, visibility was under a mile all day." -Phil Gyr
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