Stewart Peak route adjustment

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Stewart Peak route adjustment

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Hi Everyone,

I had climbed Stewart Peak in the Salt River Range twice prior to publishing Select Peaks, but only in the winter, and only by Corral Canyon from the west. I had intended to explore the Murphy/Squaw Divide approach prior to publication, but didn't get a chance.

Nevertheless, this fall, after sending the book to the publisher, I went up Squaw Canyon and found that my photo route line (p.377) and description were not the best route.

Instead, from the top of the first steep escarpment above Murphy/Squaw Divide, there is a faint trail that traverses into the basin to the left. It then climbs the scree on the right side of the basin and tops the first headwall near a beautiful tarn. Pass the tarn on the right and climb a steep trail up the foot of a short spur ridge that comes in from the left. Follow the spur south to gain the major spur that drops east from the range crest. Follow a trail along this spur to gain the crest, then follow the crest a short distance south to the summit.


By using this route instead of the route I described in the book, one can avoid a steep Class-2/3 rock ridge that is encountered along the range crest about a centimeter left of the arrowhead of the line in the photo on page 377.

Good luck!

Thomas Turiano
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