Approach to The Pyramid

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Approach to The Pyramid

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Hi Everyone,

I must say figuring out a pleasant way to climb The Pyramid in one day is tricky. I

attempted it a few years ago by way of a network of trails marked on the maps on the

ridgeline east of Anderson Creek.

If I can remember correctly, we started up Anderson Creek for about one mile, then gained

the ridge to the right, and followed it with the idea that we would intersect the trail

marked on the 1987 quadrangle that begins in Mill Creek upstream from Lambert Creek.

We expected to intersect the trail on a bare ridge above 8400 feet, but were unable to find

any trail there. One portion of the ridge was bare, but it mostly is very thick timber with

much deadfall. We began bushwhacking back down into the head of Anderson Creek, then asked

ourselves if it was worth it and decided to bag it for another day.

After that, I had determined that the best way to The Pyramid from Mill Creek was indeed

just bushwhacking directly up Anderson Creek, but would not be so bold as to put this in

the book without checking it out firsthand. Thus, I settled on the safe bet along the

lengthy and monotonous East Fork trail.

After publication, I met Dale Sexton from Livingston, a man with great energy. He told me

the best way that he has found to climb The Pyramid is by way of what he calls "Anderson

Ridge." This is the long ridge that one can gain easily by a trail in East Dam Creek. This

very long and undulating route makes up for its length by offering astounding views almost

the entire way.

What a great idea....I think I'll try this one next summer! Perhaps a traverse utilizing

Meatrack Creek would be fun, as I've always been curious about this as an approach to The

Pyramid as well.

Have a good one.

Thomas Turiano
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