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New miscellaneous facts

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Hi Everyone,

Here are some early ascents and ski descents that have surfaced since the publication of Select Peaks:

1. In April 1973, Davey Agnew, Wes Fox, and Scot Sedden skied Mount Sheridan from the summit. Davey skied right down the gut of the northeast face, while Fox and Sedden skied the north ridge.

2. In mid-April of 2003, Phil Gyr skied the east face of Koch Peak (through the rock band) in the Madison Range with his dog Zeke.

3. Rick Baugher believes that Thomas Bannon climbed Carter Mountain during his turn-of-the-century triangulation and named the station "Pickett." Today's "Pickett" is not on the highest point of Carter Mountain. I am excited to check Bannon's angles and station descriptions to verify Baugher's theory.

4. Rick Baugher skied the northwest face of Mount Baird on 6/19/1983 with skinny skis, three-pins, and leather boots.

5. The apparent second ascent of Turret Mountain in the Southwest Absaroka was made during the summer of 2004 by YNP employees Ken Keenan, David Hood, and Brian Webb. The trio approached by boat across Yellowstone Lake to the Turret View campsite and then up to the peak by way of Barlow's little lake. Keenan had tried the climb before but was turned back in Clyde's chimney. The trio followed the route described in "Select Peaks," except they climbed a face 15 feet to the left of the first pitch chimney/corner. This face was not as steep or loose.

6. David Bowers skied the north face of Hoback Peak solo on April 25, 2003. He had to sidestep through an especially steep and narrow chute near the summit. It is likely that this is a first descent.

7. Joe Hartney and Trevor Bane skied the east face of Mount Baird into Hells Hole on May 1, 2005. They mountain biked from the highway to the draw across from Dry Canyon in Big Elk Creek. That draw brought them into a basin below the east face of Elkhorn Peak. They crossed a small ridge to the south saddle of Mount Baird, then up to the summit. The descent was near 50 degrees through several chute options off the summit, although there was no cornice. They had perfect corn below and found a chute skiers' right of the main gulch that bypassed a melted-out waterfall just above the confluence with Hells Hole.

8. In June 1986, Phil Knight and Steve Copeland skied the East Face of Echo Peak - the huge couloir that drops off the summit - with 215cm hippy sticks and single leather boots. They returned in 1996 to ski it again with better gear. Steve died on his birthday (2002?) in an avalanche while skiing in the Bridger Range. Knight calls the couloir on Echo the "Copeland Couloir."

9. Bobby Downs, Anjin Herndon, and Brian Peters (aka "Clubber") skied the north ridge of Monument Peak in the Western Beartooths on March 8, 2006.

10. In 2001, Josh Apple and Chris Lundy skied Black Mountain. While Apple braved the eastern Y, Lundy made the first known ski descent of the north face route described here:

11. On July 4, 1974, Jean Kunz Dalton skied the north face of Jackson Peak in the Gros Ventre Range with John Lyons et al.

12. David Klatt pointed out to me that Kit Jones died in 1965 not 1966 as described under Beehive Peak. Klatt notes that the plaque on the summit says 1965.

13. Rick Reese, Dunbar Susong, and Wayne Phillips made a ski ascent/descent of the west summit of Electric Peak from an old Park patrol cabin during March 1-3, 1974.
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