Passage Creek fire effects approach to The Pyramid

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Passage Creek fire effects approach to The Pyramid

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In September of 2006, a fire started in Passage Creek and blew east over the ridge into and across Colley Creek, east to Lambert Creek, and north across Mill Creek into the vicinity of The Pyramid.

Here is a link to the fire map:

Apparently, that map isn't entirely correct. The fire burnt additional acreage - all the way up the north side of the drainage of Mill Creek to tree line. It was a moasic burn towards the upper reaches of the valley. The beautiful dense forests on the south side are untouched.

This fire has left extremely "charcoally," dusty, and loose conditions on Gallatin Forest Trail #221 (The Pyramid Mountain Trail) as well as completely burned the southwest ramp of Point 9,892, which offers one possible descent from the upper ridge near peaks 10,204 and 9,892.

It might be worth circumventing this entire area by hiking to the head of Mill Creek before turning north toward Peak 10,204, or by using the Mill Creek east fork approach.
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