Two Sisters

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Two Sisters

Postby torstenprahl » Mon Jul 25, 2005 2:27 pm

This past weekend (7/23 & 7/24) Myself, Will Rizzo, and Dustin Gaines made an attempt to hike up flood creek and continue to the north face of the Two Sisters. We failed miserably. Flood Creek is near impassible. Only a clinically insane superhuman may be able to travel through this drainage. I have bushwhacked my fair share of miles. I've gone through miles of peckerpole on skis, crossed over yards upon yards of deadfall, and ripped my way through bushes of thistles and alderberries. Flood Creek though makes all my past travels seem like a drop in the bucket.

It took the three of us nearly 6 hours to go 1.5 miles. The only thoughts we had as we thrashed about were," It's gotta get better over this next rise.", or, " It can't be like this the whole way."

We were wrong. We were able to make it above the Falls of Flood Creek and no further.

My advice to anyone out there who wants to attempt the Two Sisters is to take ANYTHING other than Flood Creek. I will be posting pictures a little later after i get my film developed.

One positive thing....The potential Rock routes up in flood creek are enormous. I won't go into to it, but the picutres will speak for themselves.

Until next time


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Hawley Creek

Postby TomTuriano » Thu Jul 28, 2005 2:26 pm


Are you implying that Flood Creek was worse bushwhacking than Hawley Creek?....remembering that we were skiing up Hawley Creek.


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I wish it was like Hawley

Postby torstenprahl » Thu Jul 28, 2005 4:56 pm


Yeah, much worse! It's makes Hawley look like a walk in the park. Hawley was bad because the trees were sooo tight, but add a ton of deadfall and you'll get close to what Flood was like.

The only unanswered question is what it is like during the Winter. There is a slight chance that in ideal conditions skiing across that area "might" be a go. I think, however, that that is very unlikely. I'd say wait another 5-10 yrs until the trees get bigger and the deadfall starts rotting.



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