Approach to The Pyramid, part 2

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Approach to The Pyramid, part 2

Postby TomTuriano » Thu Dec 02, 2004 3:26 pm

Hello Tom,

I have also stumbled around in the upper Mill Creek area trying to get to the Pyramid, one time. I have also jogged around on that East Dam cr. trail. Although I haven't been all the way to the Pyarmid on that trail, it does seem like the most efficient trail to the peak.

We tried to hike there via the Lambert Trail head, and following a trail that contoured around the head of Mill Creek and Anderson Creek- probably the one you all expected to run into [ I am not surprised that you didn't find it. It petered out in each meadow that we crossed, and we would have to search for where it picked up again. ]

But, some freinds of mine, Felicia and Cloe, climbed Pyramid Pk. by starting at the Lambert Cr. trailhead, but only folloing the trail for a mile into the first main drainage. going up this drainage leads to the south side of Pyramid. They slogged up this to a point on the ridge of the peak about a mile from the summit. THIS seems like it might be the most direct and efficient route of all.

Jim Earl

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Pyramid approach

Postby TomTuriano » Thu Dec 02, 2004 3:29 pm


I think you're (Felicia and Cloe) right. That looks like the quickest way into Pyramid.

Though, I remember getting onto the narrow ridge near treeline where we expected to hit that trail. On the 1987 Pyramid quad, we reached the third word "Pack" along that trail from Lambert Creek (second "Pack" from Mill Creek). After not seeing the trail, we looked up and considered just following that spur up to the south ridge, then up. And I remember it didn't look easy...lots of scree, low brush, and cliffs.

Still, I think Felicia and Cloe's route is the turn up off that trail somewhere within the first 1.5 miles after leaving Mill Creek. Looks like you'd only have about 1,700 vertical of steep off-trail through point 8822T before reaching the cruising part of the south ridge at 9892T.

Do you know about the difficulty of the north ridge of Crow? I was thinking about starting at end of Mill Creek, climbing Crow, then traversing over to Pyramid, then coming down Anderson a big loop trip.



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Postby torstenprahl » Mon Apr 25, 2005 11:30 am

Here is a pic for Pyramid. The 2 main couliers off of the north face.


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